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10 Tips From a Buddhist Monk on Living a Fulfilled Life

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Is there any doubt that people are searching for happiness in the wrong places?

Reaching a fulfilled lifestyle is much more than just a beautiful home or modern car. It’s about connecting with yourself on more than just a conscious level.

Buddhist Monks have obviously figured this out because instead of chasing material value they look within.
The following tips come from Monks who know what a fulfilled life entails.

1. Never stop trying

The worst thing technology has taught us is to be lazy.

According to a Monk it is crucial to try several times before giving up. It is also important to try different approaches. When you have reached the point where nothing works then make peace and move on, but giving up after only trying once usually leads to disappointment.

Creating any practice or new habit requires patience and a “never stop trying” attitude.

2. All the answers come from within

A fundamental principle for Monks is to use intuition.

In order to deal with problems the world throws at you, you need to use your sixth sense. Buddhism students are only given a small amount of information from which they have to solve big problems. This is part of their preparation for facing the world.

In essence the universe will open the door, but you need to walk through it without losing sight or becoming disappointed when the answer isn’t clear from the start is a discipline we must try to master.

All the answers reside within us; we just need to look in the right places and trust ourselves.

3. Failure equals growth

This is a lesson very few people seem to understand. Making a mistake or failing at something tends to make us focus on the worst.

You should keep in mind that there are always two sides to a coin. Failures and mistakes are a learning process and a precious one at that. Someone can teach you a valuable lesson, but unless you actually go through it yourself it won’t hold as much value.

Taking chances are such a critical part of a fulfilled life and yet we are scared to take part in the learning process.

Monks know there are two sides to everything in life: with good must come bad just like with growth must come failure and a lot of this comes down to one’s perspective.

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