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10 Tips From a Buddhist Monk on Living a Fulfilled Life

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7. Fight the enemy within

Just as the answers reside within ourselves, so does our biggest enemy.

You might think your biggest enemy is your boss or the bully at school, but it’s not. You are the one that gives power to your fears and insecurities.

Before you can accomplish anything you need to tackle the enemy that empowers the elements keeping you from happiness. In other words, overcome your internal fears.

8. Happiness Starts from within

It will be cynical to assume that happiness is only based on the spiritual side of life.

Family and friends, music, books, hobbies, all of these form part of your journey. However, you cannot enjoy anything if you are not happy internally.

Once you reach happiness from within it will manifest outside in the people and things that make life worth living.

This is also why meditation is such a significant practice for Monks because it helps to cultivate peace from the inside out, and when you become more in touch with your true self, the happier you will feel.

9. Be present

We hear this one all of the time but really, stop and think about how present you are right in this moment.

Monks are so aware of being present in this moment as it is the only moment we can be sure of.

If we learn to do our best, act our best, feel our best and just be for this moment ONLY, then we will be able to live a much more fulfilled quality of life as Monks do.

Meditation is invaluable for anyone who is finding it difficult to practice staying present.

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