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10 Tips From a Buddhist Monk on Living a Fulfilled Life

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10. Know what is more valuable than material possessions

This is a HUGE one that we all know and have heard many times I am sure but living in the 21st century in a world dominated by media influences, it can be difficult to not get drawn in to material things.

Something I like to do is have a mini version of a vision board that keeps me grounded, either on my phone or at home (or both) . So, I guess you could call it a “grounding board” 

You can fill this board with pictures of people less fortunate than yourself, children who have no food or clean water, animals that are being treated poorly, a picture of your grandparents, family, your favourite yoga balance, words that express feelings like love, compassion, family, friends – things that mean a lot to you.

ALL of these things I have listed above keep me grounded in times where I get carried away with material things and looking at a picture of my ‘grounding board’ helps to pull me back to what is really important in life.


It is natural to find happiness and fulfilment in the world outside, but it doesn’t mean you should neglect internal happiness.

Those who find peace inside their mind usually don’t care much for materialistic objects or public opinions. They are happy and fulfilled.

Nevertheless, everyone is different and by following the above-mentioned advice you can dramatically increase the happiness in your life

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