6 Buddhism Apps for Greater Peace of Mind

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If you want to enjoy mental clarity and be at your best, you don’t have to become a devoted Buddhist – but you can learn from their teachings and apply them to your everyday life.

Maybe you have an everyday meditation practice already. Maybe you’re like most of us, and you’d like to fit in some meditation but you just don’t seem to have the time. That’s where apps come in.

Apps can help you take advantage of transit time, lunch breaks and other instances of downtime to create your own meditation space and find balance in the midst of life’s chaos.
To help you find more peace of mind in your life, here are six Buddhism inspired apps.

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Buddha Mind (iOS, $2.99)

This app works best with a Bluetooth LE heart-rate monitor, but you can also use Buddha Mind on its own. When paired with a heart-rate monitor, this app allows users to track their own heart rates while meditating.

If you’re struggling to get relaxed, you can use some of the app’s other features to achieve greater inner peace. Use the breathing bar to help regulate inhalations and exhalations.

While meditating with Buddha Mind, you’ll also see a series of soothing natural images, which, according to research, can help you relax. To add to the experience even further, you can listen to optional peaceful natural beach sounds.

The combination of all these factors is designed to help the user enter a deep state of meditation, allowing you to develop the Buddhist values of emotional positivity and clarity of consciousness in yourself.

Buddhify 2 (iOS, $4.99 | Android, $2.99)

Buddhify 2 is a clean, eye-pleasing app that covers a range of Buddhism-inspired mindful meditation practices with the goal of helping you be more mindful and calm during your busy day.

The app tailors more than 11 hours of custom mediation plans to specifically target 15 unique parts of your day, including your work breaks, traveling times and times when you’re working online. Some other helpful issues the meditation plans target include Pain & Illness, Feeling Stressed, and Walking in the City.

The app features more than 80 custom, guided audio tracks for mediation. These range from five to 30 minutes, so you can meditate in a time frame that works for you. The app also features a timer for solo meditation, and allows you to rate your mindfulness, concentration and balance each time you meditate for long-term progress tracking.

The app allows you to view your stats over time, including how long you meditated each day, and your quality of concentration, balance and mindfulness during each practice.

Lastly, the app also includes a community featured called “Together,” which allows Buddhify’s users to ask and respond to questions about meditation, stress and other relevant issues. If you see a thread that you find especially useful, you can quickly save it for future reference.

Download: Buddhify 2 for iOS | Android

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