6 Buddhism Apps for Greater Peace of Mind

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Buddha’s Brain (iOS, $4.99)

Are you interested in the science behind meditation and other practices designed to achieve inner calm and peace of mind? Rick Hanson, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist at UC Berkeley, wrote a book titled “Buddha’s Brain,” which he then developed into a companion app.

The Buddha’s Brain app offers concrete strategies for rewiring your own brain through Buddhist practices. Through Hanson’s practical neuroscience techniques, you’ll learn to take in positive experiences and release stressful ones, allowing you to feel happier, more confident and less frustrated overall.

Follow the guided meditations and read about becoming happier and healthier, or tap the button at the top to listen to each practice.

When used in conjunction with apps that support Buddhist meditative practices and mindfulness, Buddha’s Brain will help you feel one with the world.

Download: Buddha’s Brain for iOS

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