8 skills programmers must master before a technical interview

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8. Thinking on your feet

Expect to be asked to think on your feet, said Michael Durney, president and CEO of Dice. When presented with a question such as “How would you deploy a new application across the company, using both public and private cloud services?” Durney recommended that you “recognize that the interviewer is looking to understand what research you’ve done about the company, and how familiar you are with its challenges as well as your ability to ask good questions to clarify the scope, boundaries and assumptions that are important to answering a question like that,” Durney said.

Interviewers may also throw a few math puzzles or brain teasers at programming candidates to judge how quickly they can think through an unusual problem on their feet, said Peter Yang, co-founder of ResumeGo. Consider practicing a few examples before the interview to get used to the style of question, he recommended.

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