Best Programming Language to Learn: The Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2018

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All right. Next. What’s next in this list? This one is kind of hard. This is where it gets a little bit more difficult to pick number three here. Based on the survey data, based on just what I know in general here. Again, I’m not doing this completely based on the survey data. I’m going to go with C#. I was deciding between C# and Java. Obviously, I’ve given you a hint of what the next one is going to be, but I chose C# for a really, really good reason. The reason why is because I have practical knowledge here. Not that it’s bias but what I’m saying is that I know that C# can be used in every single platform. I have developed iOS and Android apps using C#, using Xamarin. You can also do Linux apps and Mac apps. You can pretty much work on any platform including Arduino and any of the embedded systems, Raspberry Pi and stuff like that all using C#.

C# is a very versatile language. Plus, it’s a very corporate language as well. It’s also a really good language and it’s not that difficult to learn, although I have to say, with all the features that they’re adding and how much that language has expanded, it’s definitely gotten more complex, but it is very expressive and very good language. C# I would definitely put up there very high. You’re going to be able to find a job with C#. No problem. It’s just going to be an easy place to fit into a Microsoft Shop.

The thing about C# also is that if you’re wondering between C# and Java, if you’re like, “Well, which programming language should I learn?” I would probably see—this is where it edges out. I’d say C# simply because if you know C#, you’ll pretty much know Java, but I feel like there’s a little bit more of opportunities for higher paid jobs in the C# zone and it’s a little bit easier to get into that environment because there’s—to be honest with you, there’s less highly skilled C# developers than Java developers. Sometimes it might be hard to get into a Java environment because sometimes—especially as a beginner, sometimes the Java people are a little bit more experienced. Whereas, C# because it’s Microsoft Shops, because it’s not as rigorous sometimes. It’s easier to get a job with C#. It’s a really good language. I highly recommend it.

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