Best Programming Language to Learn: The Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2018

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Java is obviously the next one on there. Just before I go too far, I want to tell you where C# and Java ranked on some of these. I’m looking at the Stack Overflow one. C# was actually number 4 and Java was actually number three. Java was actually higher on the Stack Overflow one. Now, part of the reason why is because the people that probably took the Stack Overflow survey were probably highly—more technical. People that were actually on Stack Overflow and whatnot. That doesn’t necessarily represent the real world. This is what’s interesting here.

Some of the other things to consider were on that Stack Overflow Survey were the most loved, dreaded and wanted languages. C# was pretty high on the most loved language. That was pretty good. It was number eight. I mean that is actually pretty high. Java was not on the most loved languages. It’s kind of interesting. You see how that works here. Then the TIOBE one that they do every year, Java was number one on that one and C# was like number five.

Again, Java and C# are almost the same language at this point. It’s really hard. If someone made the argument that said, “John, no. Java should be number three and C# should be number four,” I wouldn’t argue very hard with that. I’ve put it at number four. Again, Java, very good language. Very good language for corporate development, environments. A lot of companies have a lot of technology invested in Java. It’s a huge ecosystem. There’s a lot of very high paying jobs in Java.

It’s not quite as easy. There’s not as many introduction type of courses and whatnot to learn Java as there is C#. That’s one downside. Same thing on the Python side. Python has a lot of beginner stuff out there. I do have a course actually, I created on Pluralsight, two courses on learning Java. I think honestly that they’re the best courses for learning Java, but you can check those out. Again, there’s plenty of other resources, but I want to give you a resource that you might find useful.

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