3 Reasons Why Learning Computer Programming is Easy with CodeMonkey

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It is no secret that computer programming is an important skill to have. According to a 2017 K-12 Field Report, Computer Science offers economic development and opportunity, qualified workers for unfulfilled CS jobs, and a 40% higher salary than the average college graduate. CodeMonkey’s initiative to teach computer programming is aimed at providing students with a tool that teaches beginners the life-long skill of understanding and producing code. Read on to learn tips on why learning computer programming is easy with CodeMonkey.

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1. Teaches Complicated Coding Concepts

There are many independent tools and platforms online that are made for those who want to learn code independently, however, many are not as optimal as they could be. For example, such tutorials are taught by experts who do not acknowledge which concepts students struggle with the most. By allocating the same amount of time for introducing each coding concept, tutorials don’t help students delve into the more complicated areas.

Aside from offering fully-detailed lesson plans on coding concepts, CodeMonkey offers beginners extra challenges, i.e. skill mode, to help students practice areas in which they are weaker in.

This helps students fully understand everything on one platform, so they do not have to resort to researching the entire web prior to understanding. For example, users do not just learn how to write a loop by examples, they learn through coding their own loops. They then see the visual representation of the loop on the screen in addition to the code, which helps them learn by doing.

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