7 Ways to Get Students Interested in Computer Science

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5) Partner With an Afterschool Club

My school has a plethora of after-school clubs. Over the years, I have gone to different club meetings and shared how computers can be used in their areas of interest. For example, the weather club was a perfect place to show how computers are used for forecasting. Working with the club adviser, we prepared a list of websites that students could visit to learn how organizations such as NOAA and NASA use supercomputers to study climate.

The anime club was another great opportunity for me to introduce computer science to students. Animation relies heavily on vast networks of computers configured as “rendering farms.” I showed a video and website that details how Hollywood uses technology to make modern movies possible.

6) Invite Special Guests

While you may be the greatest teacher in the world, students usually respond very well to a guest that is actually working in a given field. You can reach out to area businesses, family, or military recruiters that work in your district.

Last year, a U.S. Army reservist paid a visit to my classroom. While in uniform, he serves as part of the U.S. Army Cyber Command. When not on active duty, he works at a local financial institution performing security tasks for their digital infrastructure. This was a great opportunity to show students who weren’t interested in attending college that there are other ways for them to gain the skills they need for technology careers.

Local colleges often maintain outreach services that send professionals to your classroom to talk about the various programs of study at their institutions. Not only will students learn about the types of classes they can take, they can also hear about internships and placement options at these schools.

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