8 Common Mistakes New Programming Students Make (and Their Solutions)

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2. Not understanding the code

If you’re a beginner, remember this simple rule — understanding your code is as much important as running it.

Sound simple, eh?

Most beginners skip this step.

They’ll read books, type whatever is given to them, copy-paste code but there are quite a few students will take the time out to pause and look at what they’re actually doing.

Students go on coding, learn new programs, and skip some parts until they realize that there’s something wrong – they can’t understand their code.

In fact, you might even come across some students who memorize programs; line-by-line. Though, they get into trouble with the increasing complexity.

What you need to know is that although there are lots of shortcuts to do what you want to do, your foremost priority should be building a firm base of fundamentals you can rely on.

The solution

Read your code.

Observe it.

What did a certain keyword do? In which line did a calculation occur? What made the loop stop?

You won’t know the answers to all these question unless you try to understand your code.

So instead of just making your code run and thinking that you’ve created a tiny success, emphasize more on understanding what you do.

If you skip this part, the lessons you miss out are going to come back to you in future and then you might need to start over. You can’t get rid of your problems by taking shortcuts for too long.

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