8 Common Mistakes New Programming Students Make (and Their Solutions)

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Here’s a 3-step trick to understanding your code:

1. Read your code and observe its details to find out what’s happening in it.

2. Learn from what you see and try to find out more information and teach yourself more.

3. Understand what you learn and implement it in your own ways to make the process easier.

3. Underestimating the logic

This is the only reason, the biggest one, which prevents most people from learning programming.

They don’t get the logic.

To be clear, learning the syntax of various languages, memorizing the keywords, understanding how a language works, etc. aren’t the hard things. They’re easy. Most people can get used to them.

In the end, it’s only the logic that bothers beginners. It’s the backbone of any program, regardless of which language or environment is used.

Logic is the foundation of any code – those who don’t realize this face problem while programming. They can’t figure out the exact reason that’s stopping their progress.

In most cases, the hindrance might be due to the lack of understanding of logic in programming.

The solution

Stress on learning the logic of code.

Develop your logical thinking, bit by bit. This would happen when you dive into your code and grasp the steps in it.

What should you do if you aren’t born with that logical thinking?

Not a problem.

Logical thinking is something you can develop over time. As you deal with it, it becomes easier for you to inculcate in your life, and coding practices.

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