8 Common Mistakes New Programming Students Make (and Their Solutions)

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4. Unstructured learning

A random learning pattern creates a mess.

Improper learning not only makes you suffer by arousing disorganization but also wastes your efforts.

To be clear, you don’t want the hours you spend working hard and learning to go in vain. Unstructured learning nullifies your dedication.

So, what’s unstructured learning?

It means that you’re not following a pattern while performing your duties. Neither are you having specific aims you want to follow and nor do you pay attention to how you learn.

You try to learn several different languages at once, read a hundred different sites and keep changing books, until you realize that you’ve already wasted a lot of your time without achieving anything significant.

That hurts.

The solution

Simplify what you learn and begin with a motive.

For instance, learning several irrelevant skills altogether is a bad idea. That requires a huge investment of time, effort and money. So what’s the point in ruining your attempts?

Instead, choose a certain goal and plan out your priorities accordingly.

For instance, if you’re heading towards becoming a web developer then choose the right set of skills and start working on them. Simple?

Also, once you figure out what you wish to do, seek the appropriate learning resources out there and choose the ones which are best for you.

Don’t read five books at once. Choose one which you feel is right for you and learn from it. This would save you from a lot of confusion.

Don’t jumble the process of learning. Break down the study material into certain categories or steps and then proceed.

Don’t hurry or try to skip the basic and essential parts. This might create some trouble for you. Be patient and learn at the proper pace.

Implement such simple tricks to ease your learning process. If possible take some time to organize and jot down a rough plan. It’ll be worth it.

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