8 Common Mistakes New Programming Students Make (and Their Solutions)

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5. Not having the right tools

You have enough options at hand – use them.

When you don’t take the time out to find the right tools for you, you retard your own progress. In the long-term, you end up losing a lot of time, just because you didn’t think finding the right tools was important.

Also, complicating what can be made simple doesn’t make sense unless you’re learning.

Beyond some point, working the old way becomes an obstacle – you need to find better tools which can save your time, make you productive, and simplify your work.

You don’t always access your files through command prompt, do you? That’s hard and doesn’t serve a purpose. Tools work similarly.

Sure can do everything manually and show up your extreme intellectual capabilities by doing everything without even touching the tools, but that doesn’t make sense.

The solution

Use the tools – that’s all!

Find what’s out there that can make your work easier. Hunt for the best options you have. Use what brings out the best in you.

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