8 Common Mistakes New Programming Students Make (and Their Solutions)

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6. Not practicing enough

Have you given what it takes?

You can’t complain much about not knowing programming unless you’ve practiced enough.

The less you understand programming, the less you do it – this is quite common among all the beginners.

You can’t wait for something to happen. You have to sit in front of the screen, analyzing and typing programs unless you learn. And then learn more than what you’ve learned.

You keep practicing, no matter if it tires you or makes you want to quit. In the end, you’re the one who needs to deal with everything.

The solution


Even when you think you lack what it takes, practice.

Practice when you think you aren’t cut-out out for programming, because you can learn.

You don’t practice because you know enough – it’s the other way around. You keep practicing until you become good enough.

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