8 Common Mistakes New Programming Students Make (and Their Solutions)

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8. Not having fun

Don’t do it for the sake of doing it.

Why are you programming?

Because your family wants to have a software engineer among them? You wish to earn a fat salary? You want to feel like Tony Stark of Iron-man?

Not matter what’s the reason why you’re programming, make sure you’re having fun. You can’t take it too far if it seems boring to you and you hate it.

When you begin to hate programming, each moment you spend doing it seems hard, and it keeps getting harder.

And there’s just one fix to this.

The solution

Have fun.

We know that ‘having fun’ isn’t something you can make happen artificially. It has to be natural.

Then how can you have fun?

There’s always a brighter side to something – programming isn’t different.

There may be some languages you like more than the rest, subjects that you prefer over others, skills that you’re better at than the ones which you lack – focus on them.

When you focus on your strengths, you become better and feel more inclined towards doing what you know. This makes you better.

While doing so, you unknowingly leverage your confidence and do what you perceive as hard. You get the motivation to keep trying. And as long as you’re having fun and trying hard, you’re chances of improvement are always fair.

However, remember that nothing can be always fun either. So if there are some boring and tiring tasks you need to deal with, deal with them.

These were some of the basic mistakes which most beginners make. We hope these tips were helpful to you.

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