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Computer science (CS) is about what computers can do. Programming is the practice of making computers do those things. Thus, anyone without much knowledge in computer science has one big challenge when they start to learn programming: they have to understand what everyone is talking about! Since the technical terms can get a bit overwhelming at some point, this guide will provide beginner coders with helpful tips for getting a hang of it all. There are plenty of free resources for learning computer science basics online, and I hope the ones I’m sharing with you make the process easier for you.

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Learning programming without knowing much about computer science is like learning how to drive but not knowing what happens when you turn the steering wheel. You will learn it all eventually little by little, but taking the time to focus your efforts on it first may pay off in the future.

If you’re just getting started with coding, check out my Free Coding Guide for Beginners for a kick-start into learning coding. It also includes a chapter that covers the basics of Computer Science.

For a flying start into learning web development, check out my list of recommended beginner level HTML and CSS courses.

When I first started to learn programming, I was a complete beginner with both coding and computer science. I had never written any programs or laid my hands on a coding book before. But I learned a thing or two along the way about how to get things started. If you are a beginner yourself, too, this post will help you get going!


When you first get the idea of wanting to start learning how to program, knowing basic computer science concepts can speed up your learning process.

How does the Web work? What do front-end developers do? How about back-end developers? What are the underlying fundamentals for programming to begin with? How does the binary system work?

Once you start coding, you’ll learn all this little by little. However, it’s better to start the journey by learning computer science basics before starting to write code itself. That way you can reach your goals with coding faster and more efficiently. You simply won’t get confused as often – saving you valuable time.

My journey towards becoming a programmer started in September 2016. I had an issue with a spreadsheet and data analysis that I wanted to optimise. It wasn’t anything too big, just a little thing I wanted to fix. It turned out that there wasn’t a built-in solution for my problem in the software I was using. Hence, someone smart would have to do some programming to get it done.

I started to think that, you know, while I’m already at it, that someone could just as well be me.

So I made the decision to start learning how to solve problems with coding. I looked for an answer to my spreadsheet problem in discussion forums and found quite a few solutions right away.

The only problem was that I had no idea what all those people in the forums were talking about!

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